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Own A Piece of History: PMFC Picket Plaques





PMFC Picket Plaques


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In 146 years the Port Melbourne Football Club has been part of the folklore of the VFA/VFL. Admitted to the VFA in 1886 our Club has participated in every season of the VFA/VFL since then. As a Club we may have been disliked by our opposition but we have always been respected and admired for our passion and resolve to be a very large part of Australian Rules football not only in Victoria but where ever the game is played and discussed.

To recognize the long and proud history the Port Melbourne Football Club would like to announce the opportunity for our supporters to purchase a plaque the will be placed on the fence pickets surrounding our ground.

These plaques will recognize the coaches, players, Life members, officials and supporters of our Club.

The plaques will be a significant way of recording part of history the history of the PMFC.

The plaques will be made from marine grade stainless steel and the Borough emblem and red and blue markings are enamelled on to the plaque.

The name of the coach, player, life member, official or supporter details will be engraved on the plaque.

The cost of each plaque is $125.00 incl GST. The purchase and fitting of the plaque will be as per the terms and conditions shown below.


All plaques are to be ordered through the Port Melbourne Football Club either online, email, post, phone or in person at the Club.

Fitting of the plaques will be based on the first ordered and paid in full will be the first fitted. Positioning of each plaque around the ground is to be agreed upon by the PMFC and the purchaser.

Plaques will be purchased for a period of 10 years and the purchaser may extend this period when it becomes due.

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