The existing lights at North Port have been in place for over 30 years and have reached the end of their usual life. The Club is currently preparing to remove the existing lighting and install new LED lighting in the latter half of 2021 to support regular hosting of VFLW, and VFL night games from 2022 and support increased community use through the improved lighting.

The new lighting will encourage greater health and wellbeing for the wider City of Port Phillip municipality by promoting increased used from the community at North Port Oval.



What is the design process?

The Club is working with highly skilled design consultants to develop a state-of-the-art lighting design to increase access to North Port Oval. The LED lighting will be more efficient and limit glare and spill to surrounding roadways and neighbouring residents.

Will construction create disruption to surroundings and use?

Works will be staged to allow user groups to continue using North Port Oval while construction is underway. It is not anticipated that disruption will be caused to neighbouring residents or road users during construction.

Is the new lighting sustainable?

The Club is investigating an option to power the new lighting by a solar array system, reducing the overall carbon emissions from light usage.

Will glare/spill impact on the surrounding residential and commercial properties or roadways?

The new lights have been designed in accordance with Australian Standards for obtrusive lighting, light spill (AS/NZS4282:2019 – “Outdoor Lighting Obtrusive Effects”). The lights have been intentionally designed to limit glare and spill to surrounding properties and roadways.

How often will the new lights be used?

The lights will be used during the week to facilitate training sessions (on low lux settings) as per the current training schedule. The lights may also be used during night games, may vary depending on the leagues fixturing.

What hours will the new lights be used?

The lights will be used between the hours of 5pm – 10:30pm at the latest. The lighting lux levels will be higher on game days for broadcast games.

Will the use of North Port Oval increase with the installation of the new lights?

It is anticipated that usage of North Port Oval will moderately increase with the installation of the new lights. The increase is expected to come as a result of oval use for VFLW night games and increased community use.

Will surrounding on-street parking be impacted?

It is not expected that there will be any significant impact to on-street parking because of increase use. There is currently sufficient parking surrounding North Port Oval to accommodate VFLW and VFL games and also increased community use.

How tall will the new lights be?

The existing light poles are approximately 22m tall and the new light towers will be approximately 45m tall and will be painted white.

How high will the lux levels of the new lights be?

  • Broadcasted games – 1000 lux
  • Non-broadcasted games – 500 lux
  • Training – 100 – 200 lux
  • Community use – 50 lux

Further Information

Open Information Sessions

Residents are invited to attend information sessions for the lighting upgrades. Sessions will be held online via video call (Microsoft Teams) on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 16th November 2021 at 5pm
  • Thursday 18th November 2021 at 7pm

To register your interest in attending the information sessions, residents will need to email the Club via and a video call link will be provided.

Have Your Say

Community members are also welcome to provide feedback via email to The last day for the Community to provide feedback is the 26th of November 2021.